Sometimes holidays and trips can prove to be a boon to restore your boring and dull life. In today’s scenario people are so busy with their lives and routines that they don’t have forget the importance of quality time and trips. Short holidays after a certain interval of time can help you to get excitement and fun in life. Whenever we plan for trips we will encounter a big issue of deciding a destination. We generally prefer refreshing and alluring kind of places for holidays. There are so many companies which can help you to make your trips more memorable with different and new experiences.


If you want to experience a different way of life you can add water and lobsters in your trip. This will be a perfect combination to complete your holiday. You can plan your trips taking into consideration outstanding fishing trips, sightseeing and delicious meals.

  • You can go for fishing charters to add on amazing fishing experience to your journey. You will be assisted by the experienced team in order to catch a large fish which will add more thrill to your sport. In Perth fishing spots are quite large in no. where you can get commendable fishing exposure.
  •  Sea lion tour can prove to an amazing tour to remember. The tour will go through the islands around Cervantes to provide you the sight of World’s rarest seal called Australian sea lions. They are one of the rarest and endangered species in world. Sea lions love to play and entertain; hence you will love the tour.
  • You can also go for Lobster pot pulling. In this captains of the fishing vessel tries to pull the lobsters pot in the quest of Western Rock lobster. You can also enjoy the lobster in lunch out of your day catch. You can get it cooked at an additional cost.
  •  Arranging School tour, office tour and Christmas function can also be the best option to make them more exciting.

There are numerous companies who can get you acquainted with superb water experiences. Fishing charter in Perth by Lobster Shack Company is highly recommendable for best services and experience. They aid their customers with various services like accommodation in Cervantes if you want to explore beaches and reefs or want to try snorkeling at great spots. You can also enjoy food servings; you can look forward for factory tours on which you can enjoy video presentation of capturing Western rock lobster and how it is transported to the shore. They also facilitate with shopping of merchandise and souvenirs, in addition to that they sells sea food on daily basis which you can take home and enjoy. Don’t wait and express your love for lobsters.

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